Ultra-high-quality proteins


Our ultra-high-quality proteasomes are exclusively marketed through our partner NovAliX.


Datasheet Human 20S Proteasome - ProteoPlex
20170117 data sheet ProteoPlex 20S Prote[...]
PDF-Dokument [72.2 KB]
Datasheet Human 26S/30S Proteasome - ProteoPlex
20180813 data sheet ProteoPlex 30S26S Pr[...]
PDF-Dokument [72.0 KB]



















Joint press release with NovAliX, 27th March 2018

"NovAliX enters into cooperation agreement with ProteoPlex"

Press release EMBL,

4th Aug 2016:

"Every atom counts"

EMBL Science,

8th Aug 2016:

"Blocking the cell's waste disposal unit"