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Chari, A.; Haselbach, D.; Kirves, J. M.; Ohmer, J.; Paknia, E.; Fischer, N.; Ganichkin, O.; Moller, V.; Frye, J. J.; Petzold, G. et al.: ProteoPlex: Stability optimization of macromolecular complexes by sparse-matrix screening of chemical space. Nature Methods 12 (9), S. 859-865 (2015)




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Haselbach, D.; Schrader, J.; Lambrecht, F.; Henneberg, F.; Chari, A.;Stark, H.: Long-range allosteric regulation of the human 26S proteasome by 20S proteasome-targeting cancer drugs. Nat. Commun. 8, 15578 doi: 10.1038/ncomms15578 (2017)




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  Please note: without ProteoPlex there would have been no EM data at all for one of the complexes



Renaud, J.-P.; Chari, A.; Ciferri, C.; Liu, W.; Rémigy, H.-W.; Stark, H.; Wiesmann, C.: Cryo-EM in drug discovery: achievements, limitations and prospects. Nature Reviews Drug Discovery, 2018/06/08/online (2018)


  See particuarly p.9 "Optimized sample preparation"






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