- Pick the high hanging fruit -


Specimen improvement for structural analysis

by EM and X-ray with ProteoPlex MacroDSF


ProteoPlex MacroDSF technology can greatly

improve sample quality for structural

studies of proteins by EM and X-ray.


Structural biology will shift more and

more towards challenging structures.

The Protein Data Bank (PDB) currently

holds 120,000 protein entries, but less

than 1% are multi-domain proteins

- because they are difficult to do.


A multitude of structural studies have

been performed on individual proteins.

But most proteins form a network of

interactions with other proteins and many

are components of large complexes in-vivo.


The understanding of this protein complex

formation and function is still very limited,

because most protein complexes pose high

challenges in terms of preparation and handling.


Obtaining high-quality structural information

of complexes therefore needs sophisticated

methods and know-how.


This enables scientists to create an optimized,

robust pipeline for the purification and

crystallization of these proteins that can

generate large quantities of ultra-high-quality

crystals that routinely diffract to high resolution.


ProteoPlex MacroDSF helps you to grab

the high hanging fruit by boosting your

sample quality to unprecedented levels,

ensuring that your research stays

ahead of the curve.


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